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Free Download: Time Card (Time Clock) Software with editable overtime rules

What is Time Card Application?
Terms & Conditions
How To Install Time Clock?
How to setup TimeClock administrator(s)?
Where the application is installed?
Security Setup
How to Add/Edit Employees?
How to setup Company Information?
How to View / Edit State overtime rules?
How to view / edit time entries?
How to view / print employee time reports?
Understanding Time Report
How to backup / restore data?

What is Time Card Application?
Timecard (or Time Clock) is a small and simple time clock software to be used for recording employee time-in / time-out. It gives the user the ability to edit "Overtime Rules" should they be changed in the future. It can also be used to keep track of the time used for any individual or group activity like the time spent on a project. It is very easy to use.All you have to do is to enter minimal employee information and assign a pin number for each employee. Employees will select their name from a drop down menu and enter their pin number to sign in or sign out. Timeclock administrator(s) can log in and add, delete or edit the time entries. Administrator(s) can back up and restore database and get reports of employee work hours for any period. Work hours report clearly identifies any overtime hour(s) with explanation.

Terms, Conditions & Warranties
Timecard is a free download and is offered "AS-IS" with no warranties or promises. Time Card is part of a larger business software in the pipeline. We have tested and continue to test, improve and evaluate the software at different businesses. Please do not hesitate to email us regarding any problem or comments you may have. By registering your email address with us we will inform you of any updates and / or additions to this software. Your email address WILL NOT BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE. To register with us use the form on the right and put "timecard" at the subject line.

How to install Time Clock program?

  • 1. Login to your computer as an administrator.
  • 2. Click on download button on the top of this page.
  • 3. Depending on your system settings, you may get a security warning. Click 'Run'.
  • 4. Time Card (Time Clock) program tries to determine if you have java installed. You may be redirected to download java first.
  • 5. On the first run Time Clock creates a temporary administrator for the application. You will see a message on the screen informing you about this. The username for temporary administrator is admin and PIN is 1234. You are strongly advised to change the PIN and / or the username for Time Card application administrator.

    How to add / edit Time Card administrator(s) & Employees?
  • 1. From 'Select An Employee' menu click on the administrator. This could be the temporary administrator that application created for you or any administrator that you have created.
  • 2. Enter the PIN. the default Admin PIN is 1234.
  • 3. If PIN is recognized then on the left top corner a blue button for 'Administrative Tasks' will appear. Click on that. Enter the admin PIN again. If PIN is accepted, a list of buttons will appear. Do not forget to log off from Administrative Tasks when you are done.
  • 4. Click on 'Employees' button
  • 5. Highlite the employee you want to edit. You can change employee's name, employee id, whether or not the employee is an administrator of the Time Card application by double clicking on the field in the table. To change the PIN click on 'Add/ Edit PIN' button. make sure to save your changes.

    Where is the application Installed?
    Time Card is installed using 'Java Web Start'. Go to 'Start'-->'Control Panel'-->'Java'. This will open 'java control panel'. Click on 'Settings' under 'location' you can find the path to the Time Card application. Click on View. All the programs on your computer that use 'Java Web Start' will be in the list.

    Security Setup
    the first time you install and run Time Card it creates a folder, 'C:\TimeTableDB, as the location of the database. You need to make sure that non-administrative users permissions are: write, read & execute. Depending on your O/S security and policies Users group may either have more permissions, like Modify, that will give almost everyone the ability to delete the database, or may have too few permissions, like read & execute and no 'write' permissions. After the installation make sure that the application will be run under a user account with only read, write & execute permissions. Consult your O/S manuals for more help.

    How to setup / edit company information
    In Time Card main window, log in as administrator, click on the blue 'Administrative Tasks' button on the top right corner and enter your PIN again. If PIN accepted as an administrator then more control buttons will appear. Click on 'Compay Info' button.

    How to View / Edit State Overtime Rules?
    Go to Company Info. The overtime rules for your state as of the date of current version of the application are included. If you need to edit the rules click on 'Change' button and select the number of hours after which the daily and weekly overtime ruels applies at your state. For example, in California overtime rule applies whenever number of daily hours exceeds 8 or weekly worked hours exceeds 40. The week in this applicaiton starts Sunday at 12:01 AM and ends on Saturday at 11:59 PM.

    How to edit time entries history?
  • 1. Signin to the application as TimeCard admin.
  • 2. Click on the blue 'Administrative Tasks' button. Enter PIN again
  • 3. Make sure you have a back up before deleting any row or a range of rows. Click on 'History' button. To edit a row click on the row and click on 'Edit Selected Row' and edit its fields at the bottom of the page and 'Save'. To delete a row, click on that row and then click on 'Delete Selected Row' to add a new row click on 'Add New Row'. You can also delete a range of entries all prior a certain date.
  • 4. you can search the entries by sorting based on date or name OR by filtering for a specific employee OR filtering by date(s).

    How to view /print employee time report?
  • 1. Signin as Time Card admin. click on 'Administrative Tasks' enter PIN again.
  • 2. Click on 'Report'
  • 3. Select a date range for the report to cover.
  • 4. Select employees that you want to create a report for each of them.
  • 5. Click 'OK'
  • 6. One or more reprots will be generated. There is one report for each employee.
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