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Custom Built Computers

Computers are more than the sum of their parts. How the components work together greatly influences the overall performance of a custom computer. At San Diego IT Solutions, we create optimized configurations of the best parts to give our customers superior performance.

Custom Built Computers: Intel Motherboards

If you want to get the most performance from your high-end processor, pair it with an Intel motherboard. After years of hands on experience building custom computers, San Diego IT Solutions uses only Intel OEM motherboards for our computers.

We have seen longer system life with Intel manufactured boxed motherboards, as well as enhanced performance from Intel processors. Using Intel OEM motherboards in a custom computer build allows us to offer more options to our customers. And offering a wider variety of options is the bottom line when building a custom computer.

Custom Built Computers: Optimized Configuration

Most "custom" computers are designed around the cheapest parts. No thought goes into compatibility or performance. The only consideration is price. How the components work together simply isn't important to some custom computer companies.

At San Diego IT solutions, we believe that you can get an affordable custom built computer without sacrificing quality. By carefully matching components that have been tested for cross compatibility, we make computers that deliver the absolute maximum performance for the price.

Custom Built Computers: The Best Parts

We select the best parts for your custom built computer. From the case to the CPU, the motherboard to the RAM, each part is chosen because it will deliver the best performance for your needs. These aren't off-brand parts. We select parts from Western Digital, Intel and Sony to build your custom computer.

We build workstations and servers that are matched to your business needs. Our custom built computers are covered by a one year warranty on labor costs to replace or repair the system. We also have three-year manufacturer's warranties on the parts used to create our custom built computers.

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