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Designing Your Network

Network design can make or break your business. Communications-the right communications-can prevent costly mistakes or enable new approaches to the market. Keeping people in the loop can have a direct impact on the bottom line, but only if your network IT solution has been designed to complement your business.

Applicability is the driving consideration when designing a computer network. Good computer network designers constantly ask the following question: Does your network need a given piece of technology to achieve your goals?

Designing Your Network: Size Matters

Do you need a $6, 000 server? Maybe you do.and maybe you don't. At San Diego IT Solutions, we design computer networks for your business. We don't design fantasy networks or systems that have bells and whistles that you don't need.

When we design your network we teach you how to get the most value from your IT resources. For example, we can design a small business network around a Windows XP or Vista workgroup. This cost-effective solution uses a desktop computer as a server, and provides all of the communication and hardware access that a small business needs.

Other options include using the Microsoft Server 2003 Small Business or Enterprise edition. This server gives your small business the power of Server 2003 in a cost-effective package.

Designing Your Network: VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) offer many benefits to a business in the market for a computer network. By using existing lines to connect local area networks at home and at the office, a VPN allows companies to greatly expand their communications and network capability without investing in wide-area network hardware.

Aside from the cost benefit of reduced hardware investments, a VPN also has global reach. Coupled with broadband access, a well-designed virtual network can help a small business coordinate day-today activities and enable telecommuter access.

When we design a VPN computer network for a business we pay careful attention to the security of the network and recommend solutions that keep your confidential information secure.

Designing Your Network: Our Specialty

At San Diego IT Solutions, we design networks for business. Big or small, local or global, the businesses we serve need to communicate and network effectively. The tools that we recommend for designing a computer network are chosen for their ability to seamlessly fit with a business and begin delivering results.

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