Software Maintenance and System Upgrades

Software Maintenance: The Basics

Computer code is not created perfect. Every application has bugs, errors and quirks. Even good software can become corrupted over time. A regular program of software maintenance can minimize the impact of these flaws.

Registry cleaning, debugging and systems checks can reveal problems before they spiral out of control. These routine acts of software maintenance keep the system running at peak efficiency.

System Upgrades: Patches

Software is constantly evolving. As users discover problems with their favorite applications, software developers respond with patches, which are tiny, self-contained system upgrades. Sounds good, right?

Not all patches are necessary for your network. In fact, some patches can compromise your system performance in unexpected ways. When you put San Diego IT Solutions in charge of your system upgrades, we examine patches for authenticity and compatibility before applying them to your network.

System Upgrades: Software Updates

Another feature of evolving software is updates. These system upgrades can have even more impact on a network than a simple patch. Wide ranging and sometimes unpredictable effects can propagate across your network after installing a software update.

We test updates for backwards compatibility with the programs and hardware in your network. We also make sure that these system upgrades still support all of the key features of your network that you rely on. Only then do we apply software updates.

Software Maintenance: Legacy Systems

At San Diego IT Solutions, we donít believe in change for changeís sake. If your network is delivering the performance and features you need for your business, then we maintain the software. What happens when an older legacy system like an operating system is in need of an upgrade?

We approach upgrading entire systems very carefully. We consult with you and make sure that your business absolutely needs the upgrade. We walk through the installation process and try to predict any side-effects before we make the change. The goal is to provide a seamless transition from the old to the new.

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