Warranty: Hardware

We can arrange for you to receive 3 years of warranty coverage from computer parts manufacturers at no extra cost. This is manufacturer coverage, not phantom coverage that is only good through a dealer, or only good in a foreign market.

  • 3-year warranty for brand name parts from Intel, Western Digital, NEC and Sony
  • Manufacturer coverage; not phantom warranty coverage

Warranty: Labor

San Diego stands behind the quality of our solutions. We provide a one-year warranty on labor to replace or repair computers and computer parts purchased from San Diego IT Solutions. Extended warranties are available to keep your computer system covered.

  • One-year to repair or replace
  • Extended warranties available

Rates: Consultation and Labor

We offer practical consultation to determine what IT solutions are perfect for your business. We match your current needs and goals to an IT solution that is custom fit to your business. New customers receive a free one-hour consultation.

San Diego IT Solutions charges a flat rate for design, configuration, assembling, training and extended warranty. In some cases, we may charge a percentage of the total costs of the hardware. We provide a written estimate of costs, however, complexity, time and other factors can affect the final costs of a project.

Maintenance, troubleshooting and other support tasks are charged at the same rate as the consulting rate, with a one hour minimum. Time is charged by half-hour increments after the first hour.

  • New customers get one hour free on-site consultation
  • $75/hour consultation fee
  • Flat rate or percentage for design, configuration, assembling, training and extended warranty
  • $75/hour for maintenance, troubleshooting and support tasks
  • One hour minimum for maintenance, troubleshooting and support tasks

Rates: Hardware

San Diego IT Solutions brings our customers the lowest hardware prices available anywhere, including the Internet. Our parts and products are from quality manufacturers, not no name gray market brands.

  • We sell only what your business needs
  • We carry quality products from trusted manufacturers like Western Digital, Sony and Intel
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